6 benefits of video interview for your brand

Have you ever participated in a video interview? With visualization becoming the new way of consuming information, videos are in high demand. People are now paying more attention to audiovisual sources than text. As a brand owner, marketing manager, or CEO, videos can be essential for enhancing your reach due to their ability to capture audience attention.

In particular, video interviews are a powerful audiovisual approach that will move you to your niche’s throne. A video interview involves someone standing in front of a camera and sharing detailed information. 

You might have witnessed such interviews on TV, podcasts, and with street journalists. However, you have never considered utilizing the option to market your business. If you are weighing options on whether to accept video interviews or not, here are some of the benefits you might be missing:

Improved storytelling

Captivating brand stories are the secret of their success. How you tell your brand story will determine the level of impact it will have on your target audience. The person sharing the story is crucial to the listeners’ interest. People will pay more attention to a story when the narrator lived it than when a third party shares it.

This aspect is no different when it comes to your brand story. Video interviews help you to share your brand story from the horse’s mouth. It allows you to utilize anecdotes, imagery, culture, vision, and values, influencing the audience’s attention and interest. This way, you will establish a strong connection with the audience and impact them with valuable content about your products and services.

Enhance your brand authenticity

Brand authenticity is crucial in attracting and maintaining customers. If the audience trusts your brand, they will likely stick with it. Trust comes from the information you share with them.
Video interviews help you to share your brand information from the source. Your target audience will hear about your products or services directly from the provider. This aspect creates a high level of trust and faith in them. In this essence, video interviews as a marketing option will enhance your brand authenticity and authority in your niche.

A perfect source of repurposing content

Since your customer spends time on varying online platforms, you must deliver content right where they hang out. Generating content for each can be a daunting task. Interview videos offer a perfect and effective source of repurposing content. These videos add a level of authenticity and personality to your content clips.

For instance, video interviews are an essential form of case study web content to help your target audience understand your brand. You can also break it into on-demand short clips and post them on your social media pages.

When the interview is captivating and aligned with your brand, you can utilize it as an explainer. Hence, a single interview video will provide you with a source of content for multiple repurpose options.

video interview

Marketing without being salesy

Undoubtedly, no one loves salesy sales messages. A salesperson who starts talking about a product price directly without finding a way to hook the audience will always lose it. One way to avoid such instances is to consider video interviews.

Whether on TV shows, podcasts, or in-house video interviews, they always offer an opportunity to sell without being salesy. The videos allow you to talk about your business, what it provides, and the benefits in a captive and informative approach.

You can use a natural tone about your product and services or have an insider or customer share credible information that can influence future sales. The video interviews help to speak to the viewers’ pain points and bring in the emotional aspect of the content. This way, you can easily hook the audience and sell to them without their knowledge.

Easy and time-saving content production

Content development can be challenging and time-consuming. The task is hard when you have to keep up with the current competitive online space. You have to produce multiple web copies and pages to keep your audience informed.

With video interviews, you can cut time for content production. One interview can share vast content within a short period. During the interview, your marketing manager can share inspiring and detailed information about your brand. Such information would require you to spend days or months to produce. 

In addition, you need a few tools to produce your brand interview videos. You can engage a professional video producer for professional production or go with an in-house team. Regardless of your option, producing a video interview will always save you time and money.

Opportunity to share brands value and culture

While you can talk about your culture and values, the audience cannot understand it like when an insider shares it. A video interview delivers this aspect. It brings out the brand insiders to speak about their beliefs, values, and norms. This option gives the audience access to the most hidden information about your brand culture that helps them trust and become loyal to it. Hence, the video interviews will enhance brand awareness and transparency among the target audience.

Wrapping up

As you can see, video interviews are a powerful gem that no modern brand owner can ignore. It will help your gain exposure, enhance your authority and authenticity, and offer unlimited content for repurposing purposes. Investing in high-quality video production can help you speed up and enjoy the above benefits. So, consider adding interview videos to your marketing options.

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