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Once upon a time, in a land beyond many beautiful locations, beyond many ideas lived a bunch of friends who wanted to make this world a better place for video production. 

Long story short – they created Bear Fruit Productions.

Full-Service Video Production

Whether you’re considering showcasing a person or product, promoting your brand, or creating a short social media video, we’ve got you covered. If you’re uncertain about the right video for your needs, we can provide personalized guidance based on your target audience, budget, and the specific goals you have in mind for your video.

Video commercial

You have 5 seconds to grab the customer’s attention and another 25 to explain your benefits. We’ll help you do it the best way in those 30 seconds.

Brand video

With the help of creativity and key messages, you can use the power of brand videos to educate, excite and inspire your audience.

Social media video

You don’t need to have a huge budget for digital marketing. One filming day can be used for several different social media videos.

Product video

It creatively shows your product and increases interest. It’s an opportunity to give customers another reason to choose your product over others.

Video animation

The creative freedom of animation allows us to clearly illustrate a wide range of ideas, from complex concepts to abstract themes.

Explainer video

The most complex things can be presented in a simple and interesting way. You can provide your audience with the information they need.

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Your creative edge

Video is a dynamic visual narrative that connects emotionally with your audience, inspiring trust and interest in your business. It’s an effective tool for attracting more customers, boosting sales, and strengthening your brand’s position in the competitive market. Studies, like Wyzowl’s 2023 research, reveal that 84% of consumers feel more inclined to buy after watching a video.

Why Bear Fruit Productions?

With over a decade in the video production scene, we’ve gained diverse experiences and insights. Our team’s unique skills and entrepreneurial spirit offer creative possibilities, and we’re dedicated to crafting standout video experiences that resonate with your audience.

Inspired Creativity

Not sure if your video idea is good? We offer a wellspring of free video ideas, igniting your brand with fresh and innovative concepts that captivate your audience. Our team will guide you through the process of determining the type and duration of your video, setting goals and budgets, and clearing up all the other unknowns surrounding video production.

Maximized Visibility

Our video marketing expertise ensures your content reaches its intended audience, enhancing your brand’s presence and engagement. We work hard to understand your specific needs, market dynamics, industry trends, sales flow, target audience, and more.

Decades of Mastery

Benefit from our 15 years of video production experience, ensuring that your video project is handled with a wealth of knowledge, creativity, and excellence. We’ve created numerous videos for various organizations, ranging from startups to established brands.

Effortless Collaboration

We provide quick and easy teamwork, streamlining the production process for your convenience. This allows you to focus on your core business while we take care of the rest. We always prioritize our clients with swift responses, innovative solutions, and a commitment to delivering more.

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Questions and answers

How much will the video cost?

The answer to that question is: “It depends.” This is not an answer that should be foolish, there is just a wide range when it comes to video production costs. The three main factors that affect the price of a video are time, crew and equipment. Check out our video production rates.

Are there any hidden costs?

No. After the budget is approved, there are no hidden costs. If we misjudge something, which will cost more during the video production, it always goes to our detriment. When we define commitments and budget, video production cannot be more expensive. The only thing that can be charged extra is additional changes on your part, which again must be approved.

When will the video be finished?

It depends on the complexity of the production, the length and the type of video. If it is necessary to film the interview, and then edit the 5-minute video, the preparation, filming and editing will usually be completed in three days. Producing a 30-second TV commercial can take two to three weeks.

Will my video get results?

Nowadays, it is relatively easy to make a nice video. But it is difficult to make a video that has an impact, that will interest the audience from the very first frame. What is the goal of your video, who is the target audience and what is the core message that we need to promote are just some of the questions that we address at the beginning. This is very important for your video to get results.

What are the benefits of video?

A creative video can grab your audience’s attention in seconds. Google Research shows that 50% of customers search for video about product or service before deciding to buy. Video is the most effective way to show what your brand can achieve, its story, personality and culture. With more than 85% of businesses using video for marketing, it’s certain that your brand can benefit from engaging video content as well.

How much of our contribution do you need?

At first, we just ask questions. To get more detailed answers, you can fill out a short questionnaire to help us understand the requirements and goals of your video project. From there, you can have as many contributions or engagements as you want. In any case, we will inform you about every step of the video production process.

Can you make me an offer quickly?

Of course. Email us at [email protected] with a description of your idea or request, and we will give you an offer the same or the next day. Just note that you need a quick cost estimate. If you find it easier to talk on the phone, call us at +381631847009.

Can you take photos while filming a video?

Yes, we can hire a photographer during the shooting. If you only need a few photos, or if shooting is not complicated, the cameraman can usually take photos of models, products or similar.

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