Video production prices

Video is an effective way for your brand to attract customers and audience, and creating a quality video doesn’t have to be expensive.

Nowadays, every product or process is presented by a video

Regardless of the size and capabilities of our clients, everyone is always wondering “how much will the video cost?”. In essence, the answer to that question is, “It depends.” This is not an answer that should be silly, there is just a wide range when it comes to video production costs. Since many business owners and marketing directors are often concerned about the cost of video production, here are a few examples of pricing.

Video interview

Price example

Social media video

Price example

Promo video

Price example

Stock video

Price example

Product video

Price example

Video commercial

Price example

If you need an estimate of the cost or price of video production, it would be best to contact us.

Which affects the cost of video production

The three main factors that affect the final price of video production, and which also affect the quality, are time, crew and equipment. You don’t have to understand all these details, but it is important that you have the ability to control costs. At the same time, you need to understand how your decisions will affect the final design and quality of the video.


The more time we spend planning, researching locations, filming and editing, the better and more expensive the final product will be.


In video production, as in most things in life, talented and experienced people usually cost more. We always choose a team based on your budget.


The best equipment and top professionals who know how to use it increase the cost of video production.