Video production prices

Video is an effective way for your brand to attract customers and audience, and creating a quality video doesn’t have to be expensive.

Pre-made video prices

We provide budget-friendly and pre-made pricing options.
Explore various options to find the perfect match for your video project, whether it’s a quick promo or a sleek video commercial. We prioritize affordability without compromising quality, tailoring our prices for each unique video project.

Short motion graphics

400 eur
These videos enhance attention, convey information, and offer versatility.

Stock video

600 eur
Video made from stock footage saves time and money by providing a wide range of frames.

Video animation

800 eur
Animation enables easy communication of complex things in a simple and interesting way.

Promo video

1600 eur
Use the creativity of a promotional video to inform or motivate your audience.

Video ad

2800 eur
Video ads build emotional bonds with customers, which brings more joy to every purchase.

TV commercial

8500 eur
TV advertising increases brand recognition and sends a message to millions of viewers.
Don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email, phone call, or video chat, where we can craft your ideal video concept, tailored to your needs and budget.

What affects the price of a video

The price of a video is influenced by several factors, including its length, complexity, and production quality. Longer videos with intricate editing and special effects tend to cost more. Additionally, factors like the need for professional actors, location expenses, and post-production work can also impact the final price. The three main factors that affect the cost of video production are time, crew and equipment.


The more time we spend planning, researching locations, filming and editing, the better and more expensive the final product will be.


In video production, as in most things in life, talented and experienced people usually cost more. We always choose a team based on your needs.


The best equipment and top professionals who know how to use it increase the cost of video production.

Not sure what type of video you need?

We will help you choose the type of video based on your goal and budget.

Questions and answers

Are there additional costs?

With us, there are no additional costs that arise from our side that you are not aware of. After a defined video production price, your final invoice cannot be higher than what you agreed to in the initial stages of the project. Video production costs can be higher only if you want it, for example, if you require additional editing, animation or similar.

Can you just film and edit the video?

Of course. Many of our clients want us to create an idea, script, and other things for them, while some clients already have everything ready and know exactly what they need. In these cases, our role is to bring your creative vision to life and meet your expectations.

Do I have to hire actors, find locations, etc.?

We can take care of all these details. If you have specific actors, locations or props in mind, of course we can include them in your video project. But if you don’t have anything specific, we will take care of these logistical steps.


Depending on the video project, but usually around 50% of the amount needs to be paid in advance, which ensures that we hire the necessary people and equipment and start the production of your video.

Do I need more than one video?

This depends on your goal and budget. One video is better than none, but as you can imagine, a series of videos is even more effective. Clients often make the mistake of trying to show too much information in one video, which can be overwhelming for viewers. We always recommend sticking to one key goal and message per video.

What happens if we need to postpone or reschedule the filming day?

We understand that sometimes plans have to change. Please let us know as soon as possible if we need to move the date or change any details around the video production. Our team will work with you to make all the necessary changes.