Video commercial

July 2022

Video commercial
You have 5 seconds to attract the attention of customers. You have 25 more to explain the benefits of your product. We will help you do it in the best way in those 30 seconds.

Why video commercial?

One of the main goals of video advertising is to raise awareness about your brand, product, or service. In turn, this leads to more visits and sales. This is one of the main reasons why you should invest in advertising. The video commercial must be original, unique and creative. Your audience needs to pay attention to the ad and react after watching it.

As with any marketing campaign, we need to start with a good strategy. Developing a creative idea for video ads is one of the fun and exciting jobs we do. We often develop several versions of video advertising as part of a digital campaign. For example, from one video commercial, we can make a series of short videos for social networks. So you can get several similar videos from one ad.

First few seconds are important

To avoid potential customers skipping over your video ad, we need to grab their attention right away. And that in the first few seconds. The value of your video is determined in the first 3 seconds and then increases. If we get your audience interested at the very beginning, we have a high chance of them watching the whole ad. Now how do we do it?

We start the video ad with the best footage that will generate interest and is usually emotional, good looking or exciting. Another option is to show in the first 3 seconds what sets your brand or product apart, advantages or features. The third option is to immediately show the customer’s problem and how your products or services can solve it. Sometimes it’s good to show a subtitle with text at the beginning of the video commercial because 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound. Display text will make people take more time to look at your ad.

The best video ads not only show a product or a service but also create stories and evoke emotions. When you narrate through image and sound, you connect the emotions of the viewers with your product or service.

Story and idea

The quality of the filming equipment is important. But many invest a lot of money in the quality of technology, but miss the most important thing. A story that evokes emotions and a good idea are far more important than the quality of the picture. The best video ads don’t just sell a product or service, they tell a story. Whether it is an authentic story or a dose of humor, we need to tell a story that is interesting to your audience. You will connect your product or service much better with your customers and viewers on an emotional level if you use video compared to other types of content such as texts, images, infographics and more. 

We didn’t make this video commercial below “The Force – Volkswagen”, but it is a great example. The message is clear: we all need victory. And you can have that with Volkswagen. This ad is effective because it does not focus on the product itself. It shows how a car can fit into the daily life of a consumer. But the goal of video is also to show people that the Passat is not just a men’s car – it can also be a family car. It changes people’s perspective and makes them see the product differently.

Highlight advantages or uniqueness

To get viewers interested in your brand or product, you need to emphasize the benefits. In addition, we can show why your products or services are unique and different from others (unique selling proposition). The better the advantage or uniqueness we highlight, the more effective your video ad will be. Our understanding of what makes your product or service attractive increases the chance of advertising success. That’s why we always research your industry, what and how you sell, who your target customers are, and more. Product benefits are any positive impact that a product or service has on the consumer experience. Every convenience you provide to customers gives them another reason to decide to buy your product or service over someone else’s.

The first type of advantage is a real benefit. It has a practical effect that the consumer can experience and see in real life. For example, a chainsaw that is easier to handle and can cut a wood faster. This is a real benefit for consumers. In most cases, it is better to show benefits rather than features. For example, this mobile phone has an integrated email application – this is a feature of the phone. With this mobile phone, you can check your emails wherever you are – this is an advantage for the customer. This office chair has pneumatic seat height adjustment – a feature of the chair. Change the chair settings to suit your height – a customer advantage. Lawyer expert in business law – characteristic of a lawyer. I’ll give you the advice you need to ensure your business operates legally – a win-win for the customer.

Another type of advantage is a perceived or perceived benefit. This is an advantage that relates to the image your product or service projects and the effect it can have on the customer. Consumers don’t buy products just because of some features. A customer buys a product for the perceived benefit they will get from it. For example, when customers see something as a luxury product, it can provide them with a perceived benefit because they perceive it as a sign of status and prestige. Perceived product benefits exist on three levels: physical, logical, and emotional. For example, buying a new shirt will help keep you from getting cold (physical level). Then the possibility to go for an interview and get a new job (logically). You will look good in a new shirt and feel better (emotionally).

Video ad duration and CTA

Most online video commercials last 30 seconds. On TV often less. If the story is interesting, a video ad can last just over a minute. But such video advertisements are always usually more expensive. It is important not to show unnecessary content for viewers to stay until the end and respond to the call to action (CTA). Of course, the goal of every advertisement is to encourage people to take action. We can show viewers how and where to buy your product or service, and visit your site or store. 

Video ad quality

Producing video ads can be very expensive. But it doesn’t have to be. And we don’t mean to hire an amateur, because poor quality will usually cost you dearly. The solution is not to create cheap, low-quality video commercials. Poor quality is easy to spot and reflects poorly on your brand. Instead, you should use a budget to create value for your business.
If a video commercial is made by a team that understands video marketing and return on investment, then a small budget may be enough. We always look at the bigger picture at the beginning and give our opinion based on experience. The idea for a video is very important and what you will get with it. What results will you achieve.

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